Where is Haiko ?

in Hong Kong  :-)

in Hong Kong....

6August onwards: in Hong Kong, working there on Tsing Yi island - and living there too.

26June - 24July
20June - Bkk,
22May- 19June Taiwan, 19th-20th  KL
17-22May KL
22Apr - 17May Myanmar(Burma)

19?Apr - 22Apr BKK
26Mar - 19Apr Oz
20Mar - 25Mar - BKK
KL, SIN, Melaka (2weeks)
8Feb - 7?Mar - Myanmar 4weeks
4?Jan - 8 Feb - Bkk   (7-10Jan HK,  rmit) 


18Dec11 - 4?Jan12 Myanmar w parents
few days in BKK
?? Nov - 14??Dec  Laos (4 weeks)
few weeks ??? BKK during floods, relief work,
12 October - ??? Oz (3 weeks)
sBkk or KL ?
Myanmar (10 weeks)
July1 to 20July Australia
July 20th to Oct 10th Burma (via KL)
Oct12th Australia .....
- Laos
- Burma over Xmas and New year.
- HK 7-10Jan12
- BKK 10Jan12 to....

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  • Skype id   Mme-Pickwick   (when you add this ID to your skype,  leave out the dash '-' and make it all ONE word.     The dash confuses automated spam robots)
  • I don't use roaming on my mobile phones.
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Haiko or Heiko ?
In English Haiko sounds the same as Heiko does in German.
My name is German, a male name.
In Japanese Heiko/Haiko is a female name.
In German Heike is the female version.

Archive, old travel dates below:
27Dec10-5Jan11 MM_YYwinOo
15Jan11 - 17Jan11 Hong Kong Wedding of Alex & Lily

Dec 26 2010 to June 30 2011  - Vietnam, Saigon, for RMIT new Masters of Engineering program (officially) Saigon Traffic www.saigonmotor.com/charity-scooter-run
27Dec10-5Jan11 MM_YYWinOo

15Jan11 - 17Jan11 Hong Kong Wedding of Alex & t-Lilyy

Dec 26 2010 to June 30 2011 living in D1 - Vietnam, Saigon, for RMIT new Masters of Engineering program  living  here     Saigon Traffic www.saigonmotor.com/charity-scooter-run
May 11- 20 Germany Heidelberg for
http://quantica.de/ENG/ conference.

2009 Dec 12 to  Jan 26 2010 leave. (KL, Taiwan, BKK, KL, Saigon, SIN, KL)
Jan 12- 16 Conference Saigon Delta
Mar 25-29 HK for RMIT + Mar 30 to April 11-Vietnam for RMIT Uni.
June 19 - Jul 3 Vietnam for RMIT Uni
July 3 - 23  Myanmar Holiday
Aug 11-16  Hong Kong for RMIT (Design3)

Aug 16-25  Saigon for RMIT new Masters of Engineering program.
Sep 7-12             Saigon for RMIT interview panel - scholarships.
October  13-18    Taiwan Chiron Healing Gathering in Taipei/tien Lai Springs/Shamisan

canceled on Oct 4 : October 25  Dec 16th 2010  - Saigon, RMIT new Masters of Engineering program

November 12-16 Bangkok Chiron1 course.
November 16- Dec 1st in Myanmar, research for travel book.

Jul04 - Jul19 Myanmar
Aug29 - Sep02 Macau Sep02KL - Melb03 (first sniff of ToB)
Nov25 - Dec07 Vn Saigon, Hanoi RMIT evaluation mission

2005 Nov13 to Dec10  Myanmar

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