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Airport to Taipei

At the airport just ask the friendly staff as you come out of customs. They have heaps of maps, information etc....

The only thing to be careful of when catching a bus to Taipei is to make sure you get the faster, direct airport to  Taipei Main Station bus.
They cost around 125 NT + or so.  If it's less than that, you might end up with the longer scenic route.

The cheaper busses also get you to Taipei, but they are regular subburban  busses and stop a LOT , and take a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time to get you to Teipei Main Station
Bus fare to Taipei International airport is NT $ 125 (January 2010)

Start at Taipei Main Railway Station and walk east until you see this

Keep walking till you see this (below)
Find the ticket sales counter #7 with this sign (ask)

Off you go to the airport, that wasn't hard was it ? :-)

more info below www.kingbus.com.tw in Chinese of course. They do the domestic airport too, and transfers between the two airports.