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Have you every rented a bicycle and found  that the pedals were bent, the brakes only sort of worked and if you were lucky you could sort of limp along slowly ?
Well this is a story of the opposite kind of experience.

There is a big lake right in the center of Taiwan, up in the moutains, called Sun Moon lake. The name, the location, insterested me instantly. I'm not the only one, it's a huge tourist spot with the Taiwanese.
There is a brand new,  well organized  tourist information center, and in the ground floor is a bike  rental shop, which is also a bike sales, and service shop, by the "Giant" bicycle brand.
The bikes for rent are brand new, super clean, everything works perfectly, absolutely perfectly. The disk brakes grip like boxer's handshake, the gears all work, and are perfectly aligned. They give you a strap around your right leg, and hand you a GPS tracker thinggy that has a button to press in an emergency and enables voice communications.
In  the shop they have a map of the lake area on a large computer plasma screen showing the location, and speed of each bike (you can view it online here  it's open to the public).

That's really all I wanted to say, bike lovers will appreciate it.

Bicycle site for cycling in Taiwan  http://www.cycletaiwan.com/
Cycle adventure tours by Giant, http://www.giant-adventure.com.tw/eWeb_giant-adventure/Website/aboutus.asp. They do the backup, and support, standard or customized tours.

The rental bikes are organized by price, you can rent a general road bike for NT$200/hour, NT$500, NT$800 or a top or range Rolls Royce equivalent for NT$1000 (AUD$33) - these  prices are for the first hour, after that every bike is NT$200/hour.

- Sun Moon Lake  is the largest fresh water lake in Taiwan, it used to be a marshy weedy area with water only a few meters until the Japanese dammed it and made it 27m deep. (Japan occupied Taiwan for 50 years, that's why travelling in the country areas the older people can understand Japanese, very useful for me at  time)

I don't know how it would be cycling in other places in Taiwan, but generally I got a pretty good feel of careful drivers.