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A collection of travel links for Melbourne.
This is a collection of links to useful information about travel to Melbourne.
Most of the info is in the form of links, because most of the useful info has been 
very well written in other sites already. Here I simply put it all together.

Wikitravel: http://wikitravel.org/en/Melbourne  A full introduction and practical overview of Melbourne: Travel, Food, Accommodation, Money, Work, Tourist sites for Melbourne.....by Wikitravel: it is community generated and thus avoids commercial bias towards certain hotels, resorts, tour companies etc... . 

Couchsufing, Melbourne group: www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=707  Traveler-friendly Melbournians and expats write about their city for visitors. See the subgroups at the bottom of the page for CASUAL JOBS, HOUSE SHARING, nationality groups. A page specifically about Melbourne here: http://wiki.couchsurfing.com/en/Melbourne

Heiko's tips on meeting local traveler-friendly people here   http://heikorudolph.blogspot.com/2009/09/how-to-dive-beneath-tourist-surface.html     The Melbourne Couchsurf group has some regular events you can join.

RoadJunky: Good overview of Australia for travellers http://www.roadjunky.com/guide/1689/australia-travel-guide-online

Lonely Planet: The other great introduction and jumping off point for further info on Melbourne. Lonely Planet on Melbourne:(but more commercially oriented)   http://www.lonelyplanet.com/australia/melbourne

Thorntree: One of the best sites to search for specific info is the good old Lonely Planet Thorntree. Just search for what you are looking for, read the stuff others have asked and answered (sign in if you want ask your own questions): http://www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree/      Read a few of the messages and see what you think.

Flying there and away

If you can get yourself to Kuala Lumpur cheaply, then AirAsisa is an

economical airline. Prices vary a lot depending on the dates you want to go. I've flown Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur (KL) for AUD $300 return (all taxes included), other times I've paid AUD $750 for the same trip. All their flights from Australia go to KL first. There are lots of good deals by other airlines. It changes fast.

Insurance: personally I found the cheapest travel insurance you can get in Australia is: AAMI


You DO have be an Australian resident over 18 and under 65 though.  I think they cover the big stuff.

Of course if you want all the bells and whistles and to be covered for every conceivable minor detail then you'll have to pay almost twice that at the local travel agent. Travel agents are great at scaring the s*** out of you to get the highest premium insurance for you, and the highest commissions for themselves. They play the "What if...." game:

"What if this *(&&^@  happens  ? OMG ! or what if THAT *(*#  happens ?" If the client is in any way insecure and scared about travel, then those what if's get into the cracks and shake loose the purse strings to insure themselves for all those horror scenarios...  and old old trick (old because it works :-P ).

And in case you are wondering: no, I don't get click-through ratings, or adverstising bonus or anything by recommending AAMI. A few years ago HSBC bank had the cheapest Aussie travel insurance but they got more expensive and went for higher premiums (for themselves) and are now just so so.... .

Data SIM, mobile broadband.

Data SIM cards, voice, data etc... changes all the time.
Amaysim    TPG.com.au are cheap
Optus, Virgin, are good, Vodafone is worth a look. Tel$tra is the most expen$ive, as in VERY expernsive, but they supposedly have the widest coverage esp for rural areas I'm told.
You can buy a SIMcard at the airport, for $2 AUD, and then top it up, OPTUS provider has a shop at the arriaval lounge. --- NOTE:in Australia you MUST activate your SIM with valid ID officially, the HK system of buy, stick in and GO! does not apply , --- the optus shop at the arrival section of the airport does that. Takes time though, can be a long long wait at the Optus shop.... .

Accommodation:for RMIT University visitors

Some serviced appts or hotels close to RMIT University are: 
  1. The Ibis Hotel 5 mins from RMIT http://www.ibis.com/gb/hotel-6371-ibis-budget-melbourne-cbd/index.shtml
  2. City Edge serviced appartments:    http://www.cityedge.com.au/page/city_edge_on_elizabeth_melbourne_cbd.html         They're small,  very clean and close to RMIT. Includes small kitchen (fridge, crockery etc.).

RMIT accommodation website (need login)  http://housing.rmit.edu.au/

(You can search the shared house/apartment depends on the distance from school to the living place, BUT it’s mostly applied for a long-term lease, at least 3 months, and you need to contact them in advance, I prefer to watch the house first before you try to live there)


== Hostel, can search in the website: http://www.hotels.com/

e.g1 . Space Hotel: https://www.spacehotel.com.au/

(Only <5min walk to RMIT, very expensive for single room. For 4-6 people dorm, the price is OK, it's ~$40-45/day)

e.g2. YHA Hotel(Melbourne Central/ Metro): http://www3.yha.com.au/hostels/vic/

(10-15 mins walk to RMIT, ~$30-35/day for 4-6 people)

Thank you Vincent for the above information.

Other places to investigate:

and another good option is https://www.airbnb.com/

Accommodation: budget, and Couchsurfing

The backpacker low cost accommodation scene changes but the "usual suspects" are:

For longer terms stays close to the city (per week, month, 6months)  http://www.yourmelbournehome.com.au/rat.htm 

See also: http://wikitravel.org/en/Melbourne#Sleep    Budget (US$25-40 ) to five star options are listed by location and district.

And of course if you want to stay with local people, surfing their couch, or staying on their floor check out:

http://www.couchsurfing.org/     search for Melbourne and see who you can find.

My profile on CouchSurfing is at: http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/cinnamon/

Another good option is https://www.airbnb.com/

you need to pay for AirBnB but that makes it less intense than Couchsurfing and good for longer stays - you CAN just treat it as convenient place to stay,  and the added benefit is that you get to know the locals.


Accommodation: mid-range

Medium term student accommodation in North Melbourne www.yourmelbournehome.com.au    (SLL is manager)

Air BnB a cross between Cousurfing and a hotel. You get to stay with people who rent out their rooms, appartments, flat, either the whole lot or just a room. https://www.airbnb.com                           You pay a daily or weekly rate, it really depends on the host. Large variety. 

Finding places to share, flats etc....

www.share-house.com.au/melbourne/    for longer term stay, individual ads



www.housesharevic.com.au     for professionals looking for an alternative to Hotels

These things change, if you search on the internet lots of sites to view. 

Things to do...

Japanese Bath house "ofuro" www.japanesebathhouse.com (non sexual, no funny biz, just bath)  map here.

Pellegrini's Cafe - from 1960's a ral icon.

The European Restaurant, in Spring Street. great food and service.

- the above are all links to other sites, which I've found useful.

If you think anything should be added/changed, let me know, just leave a comment below or email  Heiko.rudolph@gmail.com  I'd like to keep the site updated and full of useful info.


NB: most links are shown fully expanded, so that the page is easy to copy and use.  Use commonsense, no warranty of any kind is given or implied, for any of this info, it is simply one person's offering for others.

Melb Airport to Lorne:

Geelong to Lorne http://www.railmaps.com.au/routedetails.php?RouteSelect=378

Geelong to Melb Airport http://www.gull.com.au/bookpayonline.html  Airport to Geelong here   Vline using Gull here

Lorne tourist info: transportation http://www.travelvictoria.com.au/lorne/transport/

Rideshare  http://www.jayride.com.au/Carpool+and+Rideshare+to+Lorne/7-13434-12-2

Unsorted info from friends: sort out later

Just some quick information for arriving in Melbourne:

- to get into the city from the airport, the cheapest option is the Skybus ($18 one way or $30 return per person - has 3 months validity). 
a taxi (~$60 one way, including road tolls).
- for getting around Melbourne, you will need a Myki card (similar to Octopus but much less usable - only used for train/bus/tram transport). The card can be purchased and 'topped up' at train stations and 7-11 shops (and other shops where there is a Myki sign) - please always have money on your Myki card as you can be fined if you are caught without paying for a fare (especially on trams - always remember to 'tap on' your card to the machine when you board a tram!)
- around the city major attractions, a 'hop on hop off' Melbourne Visitor shuttle tourist bus runs every 30 mins and costs $5 per person for the whole day
- a free 'City Circle' tram runs around the CBD perimeter, this is also 'hop on hop off'

There are Visitors (Tourist) Centres at Federation Square and Bourke St, who can help you with any Melbourne information! The Centre at Federation Square is much bigger than the one at Bourke St (which is just a booth), and they can even book tours etc. for you.

Here are some websites which might be helpful for travel information:

Photo below is a builiding on of Melbourne's backstreets. Exploring the alleys and backstreets of the city is a lot of fun, you can find unusual little cafes, restaurants and building decorations.....