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Hi, I'm a seedling page.... one day I want to grow up to be a big page like the Saigon page or the Taiwan page .....  :-)
Now I am just gathering info.

This is my list of useful info so far,

I love Macau for its old time backstreets, not the casinos not the modern things on the other islands, just the backstreets.
This picture here is a great example.
More great pictures of Macau ! really shows off the uniqueness of Macau

Ferry to Macau from HK Airport

No need to enter hong kong, immigration happens in Macau. See http://www.turbojet.com.hk/eng/schedule/airport.asp for more information. Look for the sky pier at hong kong airport. http://www.hongkongairport.com/eng/transport/transport-connection-with-mainland-china/ferry-transfer/service-at-a-glance.html
If you have checked luggage give the staff the luggage code, they will put it on the Macau ferry (ask and doublecheck that is what will happen).
NOTE: SkyPier ferry service is for transit passengers arriving into HK airport only. It is not applicable to passengers originating in Hong Kong.

Passengers transiting through Hong Kong International Airport on their way to the Pearl River Delta region via SkyPier ferry services do not need to go through immigration and customs or reclaim baggage.
List of other ferry terminals http://www.turbojet.com.hk/eng/route/embarkation.asp

TiP: if you go to Macau from Hong Kong BOOK YOUR RETURN TICKET as well. I have found that there can be a sudden rush of people who want to return to HK and all ferries are booked out until late at night.  You will then have to take standby. 
However if you book a return ticket for say 22:00 (10PM), and you want to go earlier, you can do that, if they have spare seats, you will be standby.  You have seat for 22:00 hours for sure though. 


On a small hill overlooking Macau is an old 19th c. fortress built by the Portuguese. Now there is a training hotel for a school of hospitality called "Pousada de Mong-Ha". Worth staying at: very nice, small, only 20 rooms, my favourite place to stay in Macau Pousada De Mong Ha
approx ~USD $117  on weekends  and  ~$100 on weekdays.  e-mail iftpmh@ift.edu.mo or dial +853 – 28515222 for reservations
   "Pousada" is a Portuguese word meaning "a place of blessed repose"
  • NOTE: On booking  a room - it works  now,  they fixed their old system and  you can book online with cred card :-)

Victoria Hotel  www.mo-victoria.com/en  ~USD$70, 3 star, map of location near Mong-Ha Hill here: www.mo-victoria.com/en/ie/intro_map.htm Address: Estrada do Arco, no.118, Macau

Macau Tourist info list of hotels here http://www.macautourism.gov.mo/en/info/hotel.php

San Va Hospedaria 
- An old style backpackers from the 1970's as I used to know them for USD $8-12  or so a night UPDATE 2015: prices have gone up to HKD$300 to 550 and it's now a "special experience" of the old days,  see details here.
see pictures below
: entrance, room, street, poster of the  film "Isabella" which was shot in this Guesthouse in the 1970 or 80?

Good food at :

Universities in Macau

Macau University. Here is their website www.umac.mo       Faculty of Science and Technology www.fst.umac.mo

Finding and renting a room
Renting a room: estate agents:
Real Estate Agency -

Chinese site here with a forum  about leasing as well:

Rent, flats, in Macau http://www.couchsurfing.org/group_read.html?gid=410&post=9174290
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