Melaka Malaysia

Melaka (Melacca) is a 2 hour Bus ride from KL (Kuala Lumpur)  and 4 hours from Singapore.

Brief notes on how to get there and some tips on where to find a nice aircon room.

Red is Melaka, from Wikipdia

From KL:
  • Buses to Melaka Sentral leave from TBS ( Terminal Bersepadu Selatan map here ) (There is a train, or a shuttle bus from outside Puduraya Bus Station 2 Ringgit, don't believe taxi drivers who tell you there is no bus and the train stops 1KM away from TBS    :-P  ). 

UPDATE: TBS  is not the only way to catch busses to Melaka or Singapore, there are more convenient ways:

- Busses for Singapore/Melaka/etc..  - also leave at Times Square Bukit Bintang area, easier than  going all the way out to TBS. The ticket booth is under the escalator of Bukit Bintang Monorail station, on the Time Square side. $45RM, 5 hours to SiN. The Website at  probably has more info of other places where busses for Singapore/Melaka/etc.... leave from.
- I've also been  told that there are busses to Singapore from Pudu Raya station

- it seems like not all things go via TBS after all. So it's worth checking the more convenient locations first, at least that's what I'll be doing.

From Singapore buses to Melaka leave from the Golden Mile and also Arab Str and Queen Street corner.
  • Two hours from KL to Melaka (I think I said that already).
  • There are restaurants, money changers, toilets, and busses to all over Malaysia from Melaka Sentral.
  • You arrive at the north end of Melaka Sentral. If you want to get to Chinatown, go to the local  bus area which is the southern part of  Melaka Sentral Station.              There is a local bus No. 17 leaving from bays  6, 7 or 8, cost 1 Ringgit.         Ask  to get off at the "Clocktower"  -  ( or else take a taxi to China town directly - plenty of enthusiastic offers, prices will be a lot more than 1 Ringgit ;-) )   
  • To get back to Melaka Sentral by bus, walk west to the end of Jonker walk and take any bus going north OR go to Jalan Huang Tuah opposite the "University Teknikal"  map here, take busses going north (there are more of then at this stop). 


  • Air con rooms with: Separate bathrooms 40 to 60 Ringgit/night  (or with En-suite 60 to 120+ Ringgit/night). Just explore Chinatown. Lots of places to stay. Late September is low season (that's when I passed through in 2011).
  • Roof top Guest house - very nice friendly, great clean communal area, solid house, and roof top garden. Run by a friendly family. The lady of the house bakes cakes for everyone to have, the kitchen is great, there are bananas, and bisquits, tea & coffee. Primary websites:   They do all reservations via HostelworldTripadvisor.   Address 39, Jalan Kampung Pantai  75200 Melaka, Malaysia  phone 012-327-7746  and 012 380 7211.    Secondary sites Google mapAgoda,
  • The same people run the "River View Guest House" 94,96 Jalan Kampong Pantai, Melaka within 100m walking of the Roof top guest house, reservations via Hostelworld. Phone 012-327-7746   and 012 380 7211 , There is an email but not sure if they use it:  see pictures below: 

  • A low key place: Chong Hoe, 26 Jalan Tukang Emas (Goldsmith str) +606 282 6102 Fax: _606 283 5149 GPS code N 02" 11.807'  E 102"  14.862' - they have nice internal rooms #,3, #4, with inside facing windows, away from street noise. Single 38RM, others around 50 to 70 -
  • See pics of maps below of where to find rooms in China town. Walk around and  check out the places.
Above map has two youth hostels marked. Excellent overview of Melaka

The clock tower is under number 13, the "Stadthuys", that's the place to get off the #17 bus coming from Melaka Sentral Station.