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BKK airport long immigration delays.... sometimes over an hour just to clear immigration. (Hint: walk along the immigration points, sometimes one area will be totally crowded and 100m further down it's totally empty.... (they have internal management problems)

web links: http://www.thaizer.com/travel-in-thailand/long-queues-at-bangkok-airport-immigration/

Accommodation: my way of getting the best of both worlds Bangkok can be a jungle of roads and traffic and noise. If you have seen KaoSan Road intensity then you may not want to stay there. But KaoSan Rd does offer cheap deals, airline bookings, cheap clothes and useful things. So I stay a little away, to the north, near the beautiful river and within walking distance to KaoSanRoad. My favourite places to stay are by the river, north of Pra Arthit Road, and PraSumen Road.

Getting around:  It's easy to catch a river boat from the Pra Arthit Road river boat express pier (map), to Sapan Thaksin (Thaksin Bridge) and from there get on the Skytrain.  Once you are on the Skytrain, you have access to most of the key places of inner Bangkok.
Or if you want it fast - just catch a taxi to Siam Square 70 -100 Baht (metered taxi). 
I avoid Tuk Tuks - unless you like noise, crazy driving, paying more and constant offers of gemstones, girls, markets, "special get rich quick deals", etc.... . 
Above: Pra-sumen fort at the park in Pra Athit Road         Above: the new bridge from the park in Pra Athit Road.

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Near the river along Prasumen Road and Phra Arthit Road:
600 Baht / night Boworn B.B,  in  PraSumen Road, extension of Pra Arthit Road,walking distance from Infamous Kaosan Road.  bowornbb.com  bowornbb@yahoo.com
Nice, friendly CLEAN and  everything works  and is maintained. Close  to the river and PraSumen Fort and park.

Some other options north of KaoSan Road- a photo of some business cards of Guest Houses in he area and the maps at the back of the biz cards

800+ Baht / night Bhiman Inn on Phra Arthit Road, very close to the Pra-sumen fort:  www.bhimaninn.com

1200/2400 Baht Young Hostel (a bit high for hostel) but the place is superclean www.baandinso.com

3000+ Baht / night Old  Bankok Inn 8 rooms in a  Boutique hotel, on PraSumen  Road.  Used to be a small palace and is run by the family  www.oldbangkokinn.com
Looks really nice, I'm hoping for a good reason to stay there one day. Biz trip ? ..... ? :-)
Closer to Chinatown, west of the Golden Mount, smell of coffee and old fashioned architecture, nirasbankoc.com a boutique hostel with rooms Baht: 1700, 1000, and 400 for dorm.

Near Siam Square:
a whole lot of other small guest houses and hotels are in that tiny road called Soi Kasemsan 1.
see pictures for details and map here.  This  area is right IN the center, where all the action around Siam  Square is.  Can't get more central to Siam Square. Close to Pratunam (clothes) area, close to Panthip Plaza, the computer center of Bangkok (BKK)

The canal at the end of Soi Kasemsan 3 or 2, is great to walk along. There are some old old hand made weaving businesses still there. You can buy their silk, watch them make it. No busloads of tourists.
Just small old wooden houses.

Aood BanKrua Thai Silk

Behind the famous  Jim Thompson silk shop---  small family run biz, do their own weaving,
Phone number 02 - 215 9864 old sign and old number might need another digit before the 215... ?
This is the Muslim area, very small little walkways and very homely and nice little area, more at http://www.tour-bangkok-legacies.com/thai-silk-weavers.html#map
The house next to it has a large range of silk as well http://www.phamaibaankrua.com/
Map of the area, there are also small nice accommodation places in the streets south of the canal, parallel to Soi Kasemesan 1, try Soi Kasemsan 2 and 3.

Click on pictures for larger size.
400 - 700 Baht / night. Prahnee Building - might be a bit seedy by now

Sukhumvit Road, Klong Toey:
from 1,500 Baht   St James Hotel  18 Sukhumvit 26 Klongton, Klongtoey  Bangkok, 10110, Thailand 
Near Sukhumvit Road  http://www.bangkok.com/st-james/      4 Star

Other places in Sukhumvit Road
http://www.on8bangkok.com/   1800, 2200, 2500 Baht/night
or www.hotelsawasdee.com
this one on soi 8 is right in the action http://www.sawasdeesukhumvitinn.com

Useful info on BKK - Siam

Bangkok Airport wifi free (if you know where to look)

After years of wondering where this supposed 'free' wifi service in Bangkok airport was I stumbled upon accidentally.
"Do you have wifi ?" I asked the lady at the information counter. She pulled out a large folder, "sign her please." Name, passport number, country, and then she gave me a printed slip of paper with a username and password code. It worked, I'm updating this page using the free wifi connection. The airport is swarming with paid providers, so for some reason this free service is not mentioned much. Strange isn't it ? I wonder why ? Log in for the service should come up automatically but you can assist the process by going here: http://svb.wlannet.net/login.asp#compose  logout happens at:    http://ssl.fareast.net.th:81/session.asp 

DIY centers

Moooooovies and events 

Myanmar visa in Bangkok:

Seems you can get a Visa for Myanmar in Bkk quite easily see Thorntree post http://www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree/thread.jspa?threadID=2027343
You DO NOT need to show evidence of air travel in and out of Yangon, - I showed the Visa section staff my air ticket itinerary, they didn't care, they gave it back to me. Not interested.
Yes you DO need to have a photocopy of your passport's photo page, and you DO need two passport type photos with white background.
A shop not far from the Embassy can do photos, photocopy, and has visa forms all ready.
If you have two passports and your Thai visa is in one and you want the Myanmar visa in the other, bring BOTH, show evidence of a valid Thai visa even if you want to use the other (non Thai visa) passport for the Myanmar visa.
Tourist visa, one month, 810 Baht
NOTE: Visa applicatons from 9-12noon only,  Visa  pick up from 3:30 pm to 4:30pm Mon-Friday, except public holidays (BOTH Myanmar and Thai public Holidays)
Address: Google map here closest SkyTrain: Surasak station.
Tel : (662) 233-2237, 234-4698, 233-7250, 234 4789,237 7744
Fax : (233) 236-6898
-> above found out first hand 25Jan12.

Travelling out of Bangkok


A large block near Victory monument: http://www.thebestmansion.com/rajaparob/r_eng/monthly_roomrant.php
lots of listings all prices and locations http://en.9apartment.com/

warning by the Tourist Police

about various scams, click on the photo for full size so you can read it.
click on picture for larger size to read it.

Note: Careful about maps in Thailand, north is not always at the top. Especially on local maps and maps on business cards.

Creative stuff library http://www.tcdc.or.th/home.php?lang=en