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Bali Hot Springs

Welcome to 'Grya Sari' - the Bali Hot Springs Hotel Bali name:  Pondok Wisata Grya Sari.

This is a fan page, I'm not the owner and I get no commission for recommending this hotel, I just like it, became friends with the owners and have enjoyed staying there. I hope this supports them.             Facebook fan page

Banjar Holy Hot Springs are natural hot springs with healing properties. Directed through the mouths of dragons the water is flows into three swimming pools. You are surrounded by magnificent tropical jungle and wonderful views of the rural countryside.

Reservations:  Ayu Sri Rupini or Ida Bagus Adi Wibawa,

phone:     +62 36 292 903       (works July2011)

mobile     +62 81 558 520 100 (works July2011)

mobile2:   +62 81 916 211 328 (works July2011)

email:   gryasari@yahoo.com    or try this link here for contact details

email: gryasari@googlemail.com not sure it works but worth a try

The hotel is a lovely and quiet place. Usually you don't have to book, unless it is high season. The owners are not very familiar with internet and email, it is best to call them directly or just turn up.

Directions: Go to Singaraja and then head for Lovina. A little past Lovina on the main road a sign points to "AIR PANAS" (meaning "hot springs".  Drive up to the springs, the hotel Grya Sari is right nearby, 1 minute walk ;-)  

In 2009 the sign looked like this:

If you are lost ask the locals for AIR PANAS (Air Panas means "Hot Water")

The Springs are located within the countryside of the sub district of Banjar within the Singaraja Regency, 1.5Km from Banjar and only 24Km from the town of Singaraja. Road conditions are good. The springs are between Serryrit and Lovina.

If you want to talk to someone who was there:  heiko.rudolph@gmail.com          Facebook fan page

Slick advertising blurb below :-)

Long known for their healing properties due to the dissolved minerals from brimstone, the hot springs have been available for hundreds of years. Under Japanese occupation of Indonesia the baths with their dragon heads spouting water were developed as a part of military officer resort. Today these holy hot springs are available to you the public. You may not only swim in the hot pool but also enjoy a massage nearby from the falling water.

Nearby is a Buddhist temple with surrounding gardens and a truly magnificent view across the hills to the distant ocean. Easily accessible, it is well worth a visit by a short trek from the hotel or a short car drive.

It is only a few paces to the Pondak Wisata Grya Sari hotel restaurant. In the midst of the rich varied flora, the hotel enables you, the guest, to dine at the tree top level whilst listening to the river immediately below. You may catch the blue flashing wings of the kingfisher or watch the large butterflies in season. Here too you may relax on your balcony among the treetops after being welcomed by your hosts.

Another site with much more information about Grya Sari hotel is http://hotelgryasari.info/