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Hot springs in the north of Bali, Singaraja area - info on where and what here  
The hot springs in the north of Bali near Singaraja

There is so much info on Bali I've only added my personal favourites here.

A  solo traveller has to be able to find stuff and not rely on others too much. He / she has to know where to look: here are some ideas to get you started....
Don't let the travel agents scare you with why you should book, just go,  there is so much out there will find stuff - and have an adventure at the same time perhaps.

Bali travel forum here

Accommodation: budget & backpackers:

Sanur -> this is a nice family run place, about US$20-30 / night per room: http://villanirvanaguesthouse.com/
I know them they are nice.  Sanur is full of 4 & 5 star places, so you get a very upmarket, clean, nicely kept area. Going to the budget places means you have an interesting mix of people and place.

A nice family place is http://www.villanirvanaguesthouse.com/   Gmap  

Another family place in the main street of Sanur: Yulia 2 Homestay, email: kf-billy@indo.net.id
Google Yulia 2 Homestay Sanur   Mr Nyoman Gede Ariawan is the owner. Some info here.

Ubud -> there is: http://www.baliblog.com/accommodation/ubud-accommodation-plenty-of-options.html
In Ubud  the Hostel prices seem to range from AUD $10 / night for a single room with ensuite, to AUD $40  (November2009)
Search Google on UBUD Cheap accommodation.
for US20 you can get a NICE room for your family.

North Bali, Singaraja & Lovina ->There is a lovely hot springs area close to Lovina. Not many people stay at the springs, they mostly stay at Lovina and drive to the springs. I stayed in a small hotel called Grya Sari Hotel  200m from the hot springs. Very nice.  - a single webpage about the hotel is here  plus a bigger website about the Grya Sari hotel and Bali is here http://hotelgryasari.info

My first stop in looking for Accommodation is the good old Lonely Planet guidebook on Bali. It has great reviews and email and websites for different places. You can either buy the whole Guidebook or only buy the Bali chapter for around AUD$12 as a PDF file. You need to print it your yourself or read in on a computer.

Then there are the generic websites that specialize in Hostels and Backpacker accommodation, the "usual suspects" are on this page here.

And of course if you want to stay with local people, surfing their couch, or staying on their floor check out: http://www.couchsurfing.org/
My profile on CouchSurfing is at: http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/cinnamon/
Couchsurfing is also a  great site for meeting people socially for coffee, it's not just about surfing someone's couch.

Mid to high range Accommodation :  2* Two Star to -> 5* Five Star is usually easy to find elsewhere. Google the location and add "hotel" i.e. "Sanur Hotels".....

ask questions and read what other travellers say on the Thorntree: One of the best sites to search for specific info is the good old Lonely Planet Thorntree. Just search for what you are looking for, read the stuff others have asked and answered: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree/      Read a few of the questions and answers first and gauge the atmosphere before asking YOUR questions. Search to see if others have asked similar questions. (Sign in if you want ask your own questions).

Creative things happening in Bali http://www.indonesiakreatif.net/index.php/en

Visa info for Bali www.bali-visa.com/visa-on-arrival  and bali-paradise.com/traveltips.cfm  some websites say that a 30 day visa on arrival can be extended, others say it cannot. Grey area.

good luck

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