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Dates are 15 to 17 October.
approx costs AUD  600-700 excludes tours. More details  will be available in the future at this link http://www.iachi.com/ 

Travelling, and living  in Taiwan and other info click here

Attached below is a sample schedule with Air Asia, price in early February was AUD $688 TAiwan via Kuala Lumpur  (KL) return. You probably need to spend one night in KL.

Air Asia makes it easy to manage it all online. Change of dates means: change of ticket fee of approx $50 + difference between old and new ticket price. Australian travel agents often charge HEAPS more if you want to change your ticket dates. 

NB:  please  refer to http://www.iachi.com/ for the latest news.  

Feb 18, 2010, 6:52 PM