1 Stomach bugs

Activated carbon capsules
Two ways to deal with stomach bugs: The chemical way or the mechanical plunger system way.

This page describes the old non chemical way to deal with stomach bugs of all types that I've used in India 1978:

It's called the plunger system, (if you are squeamish stop reading here)  :-)

It's very simple: eat something that absorbes all the churning gunk down there and moves it down and out like a plunger.

Pharmacies sell activated carbon to do that. Carbon absorbs all the liquid gunk and you end up passing dark brown /black.... you know what's. :-P

If you can't get Oats eat something that does the same thing, i.e. absorbs all the liquid and 'stops the action'.

For examplee dry oats, or the Indians use dry chaff. Eat it dray with as little fluid as possible.

The carbon/oats/chaff/dry stuff expands in your stomach, and moves down the system like a "SOAK IT ALL UP" plug.

works wonders (at least in my experience)

works when pills won't anymore

In Thailand they have carbon tablets to do a similar job.

hope you never need to try this


PS: the reason it works when pills and chemicals won't is that it's purely mechanical, you effectively create a big sponge that soaks up all the crud and moves it down and out.

With pills you have to get the right ones. If you get the right ones all is fine. But if you get pills for Amoeba's and you have the 'other' variety of bug, they won't help and vice versa.

The Plunger works on anything. If it doesn't - time to call it quits.

From the blog: http://heikorudolph.blogspot.com/2011/11/stomach-bugs-belly-problems.html

Hope you never end up like this :-)

My stomach gives up sometime during the night as I am camping during the season’s first frost and I lose track exactly how many times I have hurled. When the sun comes up in the morning, I pack up and decide to pedal into the closest town to look for a pharmacy or a place to die, whichever comes first.