A random list of links to scholarships

There are two types of funding for scholarships:
1) competitive - apply according to criteria - compete with everyone else
My only three pieces of advice on how to improve your chance of geting a scholarship:
  1. Publish stuff.
  2. Publish stuff.
  3. Publish stuff.
i.e. publish in conferences, journals, anywhere.

2) Grant money (Professor HR gets $300,000 grant, needs someone good to the research hack work)
My only advice on this is: talk to academics whose work you like, are interested in, ie. network, get to know people, make yourself useful... use commonsense.

Haiko's tips on how to get grant scholarships

Competitive scholarship links

see this blog on how to get grant scholarships  above :-P


esp University and Ministry of Education:
Education: Scholarships, Research positions etc....
Ministry of Education info for research positions:
and for students: courses, scholarships etc...

Taiwan info forum

Strudy in Germany  this page

Other stuff