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=>Samsung 7 inch Tab in HongKong

A Samsung Tablet 7 inches is about HKD $ 2400 which is AUD $320 to $340 approx. (AUD  $1 = betweeen 7.1 to  7.5 $ HKD approx. - October 2013) 

Samsung 7inch tab2 or Tab3 with SIM card, 
(don't bother with the wifi only version, get the one with phone and SIM card) 
the 8 inch model not much different from the 7 inch but the price is much higher, not worth the extra cost)

Its a good idea to: Get a bluetooth keyboard with the phone, it makes is much more useful and more like a laptop ! lets you type emails quickly and leave your laptop at home. good for chatting, and even use it to edit docx documents and do serious writing. NB: make sure the keyboard is FULL size, small compact keyboards are not good for typing on unless you are a 'one or two  finger typist'. 

HK prices
its only 3G - does that matter ? 
Heiko thinks not, the extra speed is usually depended more on the provider than the phone. Unless you are super internet user don't worry, 4G LTwhatever is mostly advertising hype. Some improvement but you need to understand about the small matter of "priority" that the networks assign you.  The speed might be higher but if you priorty in their system is lower you get overall same, slightly better or worse speeds.  see RANT N RAVE ABOUT PRIORITY BELOW

not worth it - says HR, better to get the model with SIM card and mobile data.

In Australia good on line phone shop for unlocked phones is: mobileciti.com.au


Confession of a naive phone user: 
Once I signed a 14 months PCCW phone/data plan I found that the internet data speed was really low. 
I tried a prepaid data SIM card, and surprise surprise it was much faster (double or more the speed)  Was that just because it was a different company ? Different coverage ?
Then it suddenly came clear: people on pre-paid data will change provider if the speed is too low. 
People on contracts can't. 
So if I was a phone provider I would have to make sure my pre-paid speed was good, otherwise I would lose customers. People can switch easily. 
The power in pre-paid is with the consumer. 
The phones are unlocked, the service quality is what matters, changing provider is easy. 
I'm surprised how popular contracts are.  

Full speed but not full speed. - the sneaky ways of Telecom Companies
How come all the telecom companies promise great data speeds but in reality the actual speed on your phone is still pretty slow ? 
Answer: Your speed may be 3G or 4G but your PRIORITY may be low. 
This means that the network puts your PRIORITY low, but when and if you get on the network then for those few seconds of minutes you might get the full speed, if you are lucky. 

This is from a website of a Telecom company: 

#After you have reached the monthly fair usage level of 5GB, you can continue to use the service without speed throttling or data capping. Your priority to access the network will be lowe
red and your experience may be affected when the network is busy. 

- from  one2free's site here, but almost all the Telecom companies use the same system. 

So yes, your speed may be high in theory, but your PRIORITY may be low. 
You could have theoretical 40Mbps speed, but be PRIORITY = very low - giving you actual real speed = slow.

Let's say your real speed at the phone is 2Megabit per second (mbps)
but actual real speed is  made up of (technical-speed x priority)
If you are priorty 1/10,000 then your speed is pretty low even if the technical speed is higher. Of course all this depends on the actual number of people using the network. If everyone uses the network, everything slows down, like peak traffic on the road.

So providers can promise you high speeds, and great technology, but you might very far down the priority queue.
You could even have someone come out to your house, check the speed, and tell you, "See the speed is great, look at my instrument !" 
And it would be true, - sort of. 
What was not said was what PRIORITY your phone has compared to the speed testing instrument. 
       The devil is in the detail. 
I wonder: when I enter a contract for great data rates and high speeds, what my priority will be ? 
Since I can't leave the company, the company has me tied to them. I wonder, will they put my priority low ? What would I do if I was a Telecom company, and after money and lots of customers ? 

If you find that your speed varies a lot, depending  on the time of day, then you can be sure you are being prioritized down. After all, if you suddenly have 20 times the number of people using the network, you can't provide full speed to everyone can you ? It's like rush hour on the freeway, too many cars, too many users on the network, someone has to slow down. Someone has to stand aside else it all crashes.

Some links: 4G is faster, but watch the fine print and those tricky plans and conditions....