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Hong kong has about 300,000 workers who live with local families and help with the domestic chores. They are referred to as 'domestic helpers' by the Hong Kong Govt and 'migrant workers' by local advocacy groups, or 'maids' by the general populace. 
Most of them come from the Phillipines and Indonesia, with the most recent group in 2014 coming from Myanmar. 
They generally pay around USD $3000 for their position in Hong Kong, repayable over the first 5 - 12 months of their employment in the form of a loan (with interest). 
Hong Kong law requires that they live with their employers. 

This is a contentious topic which has created much debate. A lot of money, status and politics is involved. The actual situation of domestic helpers is very different from that presented by its legal framework. 

Here is a list of resources for when things go off the rails: 

Ambulance, Police, Fire:   999      more

Mission for Migrant workers     

St. John's Cathedral No. 4 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong SAR            to find them   http://www.migrants.net/to-find-us/

Tel: (852) 2522-8264
Fax: (852) 2526-2894

Labour Dept Conditions for domestic helpers 

A PDF document about conditions of employment for domestic helpers http://www.immd.gov.hk/pdforms/ID911A.pdf

Social Welfare Dept HK Govt http://www.swd.gov.hk/en/index/   

Hotline Service 24hour 2343 2255
Crisis line 18288   24 hour   
More details here and list of referral agencies throughout HK.

Legal Aid Society of Hong Kong

Legal aid for those who cannot afford legal costs.

More information 

Helper for Domestic helpers http://www.hdh-sjc.org     phone 2523 4020

Hong Kong Helpers campaign - a legal look http://hkhelperscampaign.com/legal-issues/

A good overview of the current situation in Hong Kong: 
Helping Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong
Maryknoll Sisters aid migrant maids in desperate situations
By Lynn F. Monahan, photos by Sean Sprague

Recent articles providing some background to the debate: 

 | September 22, 2012
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