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= Haiko-Cathy-Flat

Get off at the MTR station called "Tsing Yi", it's on the orange line going from Hong Kong station to Tung Chung station. It's the line you take to get to Disneyland.   

At Tsing Yi station go to level 1 and to exit A2, you will see a big MARKS & SPENCER shop.    Walk into the mall, do NOT go outside through the big doors !   Go INTO the shopping mall past Marks & Spencer and past Starbucks. Behind Starbucks, is an escalator, down to MacDonald's and Mr Steak restaurant.  You will see big glass doors, and the sea and water and ships outside. Turn right and walk along with the sea on your left. 
Walk along the direction of the pink arrow....to the yellow marker (Grand Horizon Estate, Block 6).

The sea is the 'Rambler channel'.  Walk  South along the seaside promenade until you get to GRAND HORIZON estate, see pictures of what to look for below.
Walk towards Block 6, the yellow marker.

Our flat is at the yellow marker in the map above:  
the address is: Grand Horizon estate, Block 6   Flat XXX   Floor XXX,  
11 Cheung Wan Street,    
Tsing Yi (island), New Territories, Hong Kong SAR.

More details:
At Tsing Yi station, go down to level ONE, the first level of Maritime square shopping mall. 
Look for the Marks and Spencer shop at exit A2,
go INTO the shopping mall, don't go outside yet

 then go into the shopping area and look for Starbucks,
You are still at the 1st floor, use the escalator to get to the ground floor.
There is a MacDonald's and a Cinema on the ground floor.    There is also a "Mr Steak" restaurant on the ground floor.
If you have trouble finding the way down at Starbucks, ask for MacDonalds or the cinema, or MrSteak restaurant. 

Go through the big glass doors outside, and you will see the sea, water, and ships. Turn right, and walk with the sea on your left for 10 minutes, along the waterfront Promenade.

If you use a magnetic compass to navigate, just head Easuntil you get out of the mall and find the sea, the Rambler Channel. 

At Starbucks, look for this sign, to take you to the Waterfront Promenade. This is the sign at the East exit, (Exit G) of the Maritime Square shopping mall.
You could also show this picture to people to ask for directions. 
(click on picture for full size)

When you are outside walk along the seaside promenade, south.

Heiko's place in the greater scheme of things. ....

When you see the water of the Rambler Channel outside, turn right (South), so the sea is on your left. 

Walk for about 10 minutes, past public recreational facilities, swimming pool and sport grounds on the right. You will come to the Ferry Pier ("Tsing Yi Maaaa-tau" in Cantonese ). 
Walk straight, you will see a covered ferry terminal on your left. A bus station and a Tai Hing chicken restaurant at the corner on your right . 

Continue walking for a couple of minutes past park benches until you reach the entrance of Grand Horizon ("Hooyan Fayun" in Cantonese for cabs, but not easy to pronounce!).See the picture below for the entrance of GRAND HORIZON.

Inside the entrance lobby, turn left and take any of the 3 shuttle elevators to the common area on the 2nd floor. Follow the signs for Block 6, 
You may be stopped and have to show ID to the security people on the ground floor and you will definitely have to show ID on the 2nd floor entrance to Block 6.

The Promenade below
, lots people do fishing here.
Walk till you get to here: the front of GRAND HORIZON estate entrance, to ALL blocks.

The sign for "Grand Horizon" estate, the front entrance to ALL the blocks

Enter the door at the right, and show your ID to get access through security.

Go up the shuttle lifts to the 2nd floor,
find Block 6 and so on....

Good luck

Below: standing outside the GRAND HORIZON estate entrance, looking back to the Tsing Yi MTR station.

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