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- Hong Kong for RMiT staff and visitors

- The full Hong Kong page here, for expats, longer term visitors and tourists

- This page is for RMiT staff     - Google map of Tsing Yi IVE campus              Emergency number '999' in HK fire, police, ambulance          

There are two ways to Tsing Yi IVE campus 
1) Go from Tsing Yi MTR station: Best to use a taxi from Tsing Yi Station. To find a taxi: go to the Airport express part of the station which is INside Tsing Yi station, level 1, look for the AIRPORT EXPRESS signs.  Taxis are both on level 2 and level 3.    Cost to IVE around $30 HKD.  

  • IVE = pronouced " ai - Fee "  fee as in  "fee for service" . Tell the driver : "Tsheng ii, ai-feeeeeee" with any luck you will be understood :-) 
  • Printable Chinese/English address card for IVE Tsing Yi:  to print & show taxi driver.                     
  Another choice is to walk, takes 20 to 30 mins and according to the BBC's medical correspondent it might even be healthy  a perfect integration of daily exercise - BBC page here.   
  • For the professional travellers: Green public mini bus 88A departs from Tsing Yi MTR  station for Mayfair Gardens, which is right next to IVE ("ai - fee") HKD $4.0
88C at Kwai Fong MTR station, - very crowded at around 7pm2) Go from Kwai Fong Station, to IVE Tsing Yi: come out of Exit "C" - catch the green small public bus 88C it goes direct to IVE Tsing Yi, 88C is not with the other small green busses, it's at the other end of the station, near "Exit C"  -  NOT at the main entrance with the overpass to the shopping center, (map of where to find bus 88C here).  Cost $3.6 HKD. Sometimes if there are long queues for 88C, you can try 88D . 
Long delays 6pm - 7:45pm, better to go via Tsing Yi MTR station, option #1.

88D - For the adventurous: If you know your way around a bit better you can catch bus 88D
(see map 88D) , get off at Mayfair Gardens housing estate, and walk through Mayfair Gardens to the IVE campus. This is useful if 88C has long queues of students waiting. Students don't seem to use 88D
- Or Taxi it.          (some people have been known to walk it, 30 mins, via the bridge) 

HINT: option #1 is best if you come from the airport or if you want to go to IVE around 7pm.  From around 6 to 7:30 pm there is often a HUGE queue of students catching buses from Kwai Fong MTR Station. In that case going from Tsing Yi MTR is probably faster.  At around 7pm in Kwai Fong even taxis and other bus routes often have long queues long queues as well. 


To get to VTC Tower on HK island:  Address: Wan Chai, 27 Wood Road,  HK island.   Google map of VTC tower ,
Chinese address for VTC Tower HK island,  click for Chinese address here  - print & show taxi driver.                 
Printable map HK island VTC Tower  here

This is the Mini summary for visitors to HK
...full version for all HK info here. 
RMIT staff can also access an informal summary developed by RMIT academics who often visited Hong Kong here.

Secret tip: This tip is really only for a certain type of person....
carry a pocket compass. When I come out of the underground it is hard to figure out which way to walk, and where things are. A compass helps to figure out the rough directions.
For example in Kowloon, I know I have to walk West, and eventually I will come to the Tung Chung MTR line.... etc....  Phones have GPS, GPS requires batteries and gets confused underground and by big buildings. Magnetic compasses can get confused too, by moving trains and big power transformers underground or hidden. But soon you can figure out what is what.

Phones and mobile data in Hong Kong

UPDATE  You used to be able to buy SIM cards at the airport 7-11 and other shops for around HKD $48, but to enhance the user experience (??? cough cough ...) and to take advantage of airline travellers, there is now only a HKD $288 SIM card, specially made for tourists.
If you are lucky you can find a HKD $88 or $88 CSL SIM card pack in some of the shops.  Try the money exchange booth they had some HKD 88 SIMs.
Standard priced standard SIM cards are available everywhere else in Hkong. So if you are willing to wait till you get to a 7-11 shop outside the airport you can still buy the standard local SIM cards as described below from around $48 HKD

BELOW what used to be the case until mid 2014:
Phone - You can buy a SIM card at airport next to arrival hall, 7/11 or similar store, approx. ~HK$78 just plug in & call.    (all dollars on this page are HK dollars)
Mobile internet, data You need an UN-locked GSM phone to use phone & data SIMs.   Phone data providers I like:  One2Free, or  China Mobile
  • China mobile HKD$78 or $48 SIM pack, can do data. 1 day data $9,    7 day data $18,    30 days $38     cheaper than One2Free but not as fast ! for heavy data usage, use One2Free


 map1  and map2               Airport express train to HK island                  More about Tsing Yi Airport Express station
hints in HK here    &  tips for budget places to stay.

Complete HK information page here, - more info on the Couchsurfing wiki Hong Kong  -o-  Ways of escaping HK cheaply  or go to Macau

Things to see:
  • The Peak, Take taxi up approx HKD $70, Tram down. - Or walk, there is a direct, walking trail to The Peak.
  • Science Museum
  • Star Ferry
  • Big Buddha on Lantau island, + go there via cable car, which is a lot of fun, (tip: avoid crowds go  at 3pm on a weekday when most people come back :-) ). 
  • Cheap electronics in Apliu Street at MTR station "Sham Shui Po" 
  • Organic and permaculture farm in HK
  • German film program with English subtitles shown in the HK film archive. map here.
  • + much much more not listed here... HK tourism board  + HK Police
Hong Kong Mains Power Plugs: 220V, British 3 pin plug, same as in Singapore and UK.

Food - list of 'e-ting' places of all flavours and nationalities. Actually I never use lists of 'where to eat' - for me the fun lies in finding places myself, in exploring. Yes I know, so why does a guy who enjoys exploring and finding it all out himself put all this info on the web ?   Good question.  No answer.  Perhaps because we are all a mystery unto ourselves.... ?!

'Be nice to locals' tip:

if you get a local SIM card and a local number it makes life for your HK contacts a lot easier :-), especially if trying to work out "where are you?" "I'm late", "I'm lost," etc.... .
Local people don't want to call Europe/Australia to talk to you in HK and ask "Where are you ?    I can't find you ....etc.... " 
--- in other words: avoid roaming if you are going to have anything to do with calling locals or local people calling you.
         Yea but its ok for SMS !  
         isn't it ?

SMS'es to roaming Australian phones are USUALLY ok. BUT I have personal experience of SMS'es delayed by 4 hours (personal experience, June2013).
You can't be sure you receive SMS replies in time.  You may not get a reply, or you may get it hours later.   You may think the person hasn't replied, then get the answer hours later.
From personal experience: 14 of my SMS'es arrived at a friend's phone at 1am, 4 hours later, in June 2013.  SMS'es from HK to overseas roaming phones cost  more. It does not take many SMS'es and you have spent more than the cost of a cheap local SIM card (Local China Mob SIM cards from $48 HKD, better ones are ~$75, or 100 HKD.)

There is a workaround: If you have a smartphone: Use instant messenger services. E.g.  Whatsapp is a good cheap choice and many people in HK use it.( It's an instant messenger service, you need data on your phone.) That's a great alternative to SMSing overseas to roaming phones, as long as your local contacts have it as well.  Instead of Whatsapp, you can use Viber, or WeChat, or LiNE or any number of instant messenger services for mobile phones.

Of course to use local SIM cards your phone has to be UNlocked. Locked phones can't be used with SIM cards by other providers, that is the whole point of locking them.  You are stuck with roaming. 

So, if you DO use your roaming phone in HK, just be aware what the costs for locals could be, but hey, the locals are friendly,  I'm sure you'll be forgiven  ;-)   They won't say anything.
                    End of rave, I'm done - for this section . :-)

HK: Data on your phone - more information here. An overview of mobile data options in Hong Kong, and some examples of how to get good value wifi for home use. 

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