Flying from A to B

This page is for travelling in South East Asia cheaply.
If you have to don't worry about the cost of an airline ticket or you can afford Business Class, then this page is not for you.

From Australia getting away cheaply is hard. Living in Melbourne Sydney or Adelaide, there is a minimum distance just to leave the country.

Budget airlines are:
  • Air Asia   a cheap way to fly if you book ahead and you understand that you need to pay extra for seat reservations, food, in-flight Video, and blankets.  You pay for all these things with a full service airline, the cost is part of your higher priced ticket. With Air Asia you can choose what not to pay for. Good for a savvy traveller.  Thorntree post here:
  • TIger Airways   flies out of Singapore, small not many flights, good for a low cost traveller, harder to fly with them if you have a tight schedule - about the airline  ( note that this airline is not a real one, the website seems to be fake and leads you to other places )