1 Travel insurance

Insurance: if you live in Australia and return to Australia at the end of your trip:

The cheapest travel insurance I found so far (in Australia) is: AAMI

You DO have be an Australian resident over 18 and under 65 though.  I think they cover the big stuff.

Of course if you want all the bells and whistles and to be covered for every conceivable minor detail then you'll have to pay almost twice that at the local travel agent. Travel agents are great at scaring the s*** out of you to get the highest premium insurance for you, and the highest commissions for themselves. They play the "What if...." game:

"What if this *(&&^@  happens  ? OMG ! or what if THAT *(*#  happens ?" If the client is in any way insecure and scared about travel, then those what if's get into the cracks and shake loose the purse strings to insure themselves for all those horror scenarios...  and old old trick (old because it works :-P ).

And in case you are wondering: no, I don't get click-through ratings, or adverstising bonus or anything by recommending AAMI. A few years ago HSBC bank had the cheapest Aussie travel insurance but they got more expensive and went for higher premiums (for themselves) and are now just so so.... .

AAMI at: http://www.aami.com.au/travel-insurance/international-travel-insurance.aspx

If you want to insure only a part of your trip, this is known technically as "one way insurance". This is useful if you are having a private holiday and then start work, where work covers you for the rest of the time.
My simple understanding is that in 'one way insurance',  if something goes wrong, and you need to be evacuated to Australia, they don't pay the airfare back to Australia, you have to pay it yourself.  Otherwise it covers all the same stuff as normal  "two way: leave and return to Oz" insurance.
It was hard finding someone to do one way insurance from Australia: one Company that does that in Australia is:

A random list of insurance sites for expats/long term travellers: - I've not checked them out or know much about them, just making a list for when I need it.
For Expats:
For Travellers, backpackers:

For Myanmar citizens who can't get insurance  because of sanctions (aren't sanctions useful ? makes them love the system....)  this group does single trips:


Devil in the detail:

UPDATE: seems much of the info below may be because of an error in interpretation, I include here anyway as something to check - the fine print can have hidden snares and unexpected NON-commonsense restrictions.

Devil in the detail- example Nomads' insurance- it matter a LOT if you are permanent resident of Australia or not:
If you are NOT a permanent resident of Australia this applies:
Many long term traveller insurance policies do NOT cover you in your home country, when you make a home visit, some even cancel the policy as soon as you return home, even if your home visit is just for a brief stopover - read the fine print. !
Example: http://www.worldnomads.com/policy_wording.aspx?pid=622fd1cbbe13464aa0fde89784e714fa#Section2

2.5 You can make one home visit to your country of permanent residence and resume the trip under the same insurance policy. A home visit will not extend the current end date of this insurance. You will not be covered under this policy while you are in your country of permanent residence (Section 16).

Section 16 here

If you ARE a permanent resident of Australia then:
NOTE: I took out Nomad's insurance, and the above home visits clause confused the heck out of me.
Upon furhter inquiry the following info was forthcoming:
You have purchased a policy based on being a permanent resident of Australia, as such:

1) You are covered for travel outside your country of permanent residence.

2) You are not covered for your time in your own country of permanent residence (Australia). You can make as many trips you like overseas during the policy duration.

Please read the policy wording for the full terms and conditions of the coverage offered, including any applicable exclusions, conditions and limitations to cover.

So it appears another thing to watch is: whether you take the insurance as a permanent resident of Australia or as a NON-permanent resident of Australia.
No wonder all insurance things have a 'dodgy' reputation all the clauses, exclusions, conditions, easily trip  you  up....
Before you buy you are supposed to feel calm and not worry about the fine print, 'yea  we cover everything' then ----  AFTER you buy 'oh well the fine print says.....' ha ha ha
but this is in all financial, insurance, legal, real estate, car sales, .... it's inherent in human nature at this time of development.